Dec 122011

Sanchita Luitel says that she wants everybody to call her Sanchita Luitel Upreti after marrying Nikhil Upreti and giving birth to his son. They have named the baby ‘Kashal Upreti’.


sanchita _son_2

The three-month-old Kashal’s weight is 9 kg. Sanchita has also gained a lot of weight. The peak she had reached was 80 Kg, about 35 Kg more than her regular weight.

The happy plump mother, Sanchita, shows the newborn proudly. She has worn red sindoor on top of her forehead and colored-bead-garland, signs of a married Hindu woman.

Nikhil hasn’t got divorce from his previous wife, Kopila Upreti yet and it can be a legal risk to have two wives at the same time. Nikhil hasn’t opened up with the press and and it was a real suspense about the triangular love story of Nikhil, Sanchita and Kopila.

sanchita _son

Sanchita says that she has acted in 86 movies to date. (Photo credit – K. Bhattarai)

**Summary in Nepali**

नायक निखिल उप्रेतीसंग प्रेम विवाह गरेकी सञ्चिता उप्रेती आफुलाई ‘उप्रेती’ थर जोडेर सम्बोधन गरियोस भन्ने गर्छिन । सञ्चिता र निखिलको तीन महिनाको छोरा काशल उप्रेतीको हेरचाहमा व्यस्त संचिता अहिले कम्तिमा एक बर्ष फिल्म खेल्ने मुडमा छैनन ।

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  1. aww….so cute >.< and soo chuubyyy

    god you are so lucky to have that cute little baby boy….

    can i keep it PLZ PLZ PLZ


  2. hope you enjoy your life with your family


    once again can i keep your cute little precious baby

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