Apr 272011


The actress who secretly married with the actor Nikhil Upreti and ran away with him to live in Mumbai last year as told that she is pregnant. The pregnant of six month, Sanchita Luitel to the journalists of Nagariknews that she is living in Nikhil’s home in a village of Sarlahi.

Sanchita has gained weight and she told that she is 56kg now.

Living in a village is a new experience to Sanchita. She told that there are no other vehicles except a bus that does a trip in a day. The only medium of transportation is bicycle. Living away from TV and internet in a remote village is a new and exciting experience for the actress. Her husband, Nikhil is currently busy in the shooting of his upcoming movie ‘Parichaya’.

अपडेट (May 23, 2011)Sanchita was seen in a saree and with a big belly in a party organized by Nirmal Sharma in Kathmandu. It seems she doesn’t have much time before she gives birth to the child of Nikhil Upreti out of a wedlock, while Nikhil hasn’t divorced the ‘current wife’ Kopila Upreti.


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