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Bhuwan KC‘s Sathi Ma Timro was the sole release of Friday, March 2 in theaters all over Nepal. The movie features a story of a struggling movie producer, played by Bhuwan and his son, played by child artist Shirshak Sapkota.


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Initial response of the movie are positive. The movie is expected to appeal general Nepali movie goers who love masala movie with love, action, comedy and thriller. Sathi Ma Timro has melodious music, smooth heart-touching story and popular star cast.

Leading actor Sirshak, the child artist, has done an appreciable acting in his debut movie. Rekha Thapa also has a very important role in which she has done a good job. Although not seen in any promotional materials, another important actress Richa Ghimire has also done appreciable role in the movie. Apart from that, other actors in the movie include Dinesh DC and Kiran KC and Anmol KC (Bhuwan’s son). Those who go to see Anmol’s acting, will be disappointed. All Anmol did in the movie is lip-syncing in a song.

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**Summary in Nepali**

गत शुक्रबार रिलिज भएको एक मात्र नेपाली चलचित्र "साथी म तिम्रो" ले राम्रो ब्यापार गरिरेहेको बताइएको छ | फिल्ममा हुनु पर्ने सबै खालका मसलाले भरिपूर्ण यो फिल्म नयाँ पिढीलाइ त्यति मन नपरे पनि धेरै दर्शकहरुलाई मन पर्ने आशा गरिएको छ | बाल कलाकार शिर्षक सापकोटाको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको यो फिल्ममा भुवनका अलाबा रेखा थापा, ऋचा घिमिरे, दिनेश डिसी, किरण केसी आदिको पनि मुख्य भूमिका रहेको छ|

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