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Oct 252016
7 NRN Actresses in Nepali movie industry

Highlights of this video: A lot of Non Resident Nepali (NRN) are active in different sectors in Nepal. Among them, a lot of NRN actresses have entered the Nepali film industry. It seems, NRN actresses are less likely to continue acting in Nepali movies. May be it is because of the low pay or the […]

Nepali Movies, Everyday

Nepali Movies, Everyday

These online movies are fully legal share as we obtain the right to share the movie in the website from the copyright owners. Today’s Movie Mission Paisa 2 (Mission Paisa Reloaded) Maukama Chauka (4 different short films) Crime stories with hot and sexy twists. MaHa Comedy – Good Morning Sir Vando (भाँडो) A hot movie […]

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Jun 272010
Usha Rajak - Congratulation, new mother

Nepali actress and Miss University 2006, Usha Rajak, has given birth to a beautiful daughter. The daughter is named ‘Luna’. Usha started her filmy career from the movie ‘Kusume Rumal’. She has also acted in ‘Eku – The Jungle Man’, and ‘One Day’. Apart from movies Usha has also acted in various music videos. Usha […]

Jun 012010
Historical profile of Nepali Cinema from Monarchy To Republic

Filmmakers and critics in Nepali movie industry have still been divided as to whether the history of Nepali movie begins from Satya Harischandra or Aama. Some argue that Satya Harischandra was not the first Nepali movie for two reasons: It was not produced in Nepal: all the work of this historic film was done in […]

Jan 092017
Surakshya Pant comeback

Highlights of this video: Nepali actress, Surakshya Pant is also a civil engineer. Surakshya Panta is also a poet. Surakshya Panta is a VJ. A multi-talented actress debuted in Nepali movie industry in the last movie of late director Alok Nembang – ‘Ajhai Pani’. The movie featuring Sudarshan Thapa, Pooja Sharma and Surakshya Panta were […]

Nov 272016
Usha Poudel's life story

Highlights of this video: Nepali actress Usha Poudel’s life is full of struggle. Summary of her life: – Started dancing in dance bar at an early age. – Stopped studying after SLC – A film producer saw her dancing and offered role in ‘Junge’ – Things didn’t work out well in ‘Junge’ – But, the […]

Jul 052014
Frame by Frame by Sahana Bajracharya

The July first week edition of film program ‘Frame by Frame’ by Sahana Bajracharya features the following details: The controversies of the National Award. Actress Priyanka Karki commented on the award and expressed her dissatisfaction on Neeta Dhungana winning the best actress award. Director Nischal Basnet also expressed his dissatisfaction on the National award. News […]