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The actress commonly known Chapali Girl, Binita Baral prefers to call herself Beenita, a seven letter name her astrologer thought to be luckier than the 6-letter original name. This interview is the compilation of answers Beenita has given to some of the selected question she was asked.

Q. When did the desire to be a heroine started in you?

Binita Baral – I always wanted to be an actress – not a heroine. Since childhood, I wanted to be a heroine; but now, I realize it was the desire to be an actress.

Q. How much compromise does one need to do in movie sector?

Binita Baral -There are compromises in a lot of things. But for me, rejection was stronger than compromise. I was a established model and I could talk well and deal with anybody. I didn’t allow them to talk on making compromises.


Q. What is the difference between the real life and reel life?

Binita Baral – There is a lot of difference. In real life Beenita lives in a society with her family. She obeys the rules, regulations and moral values of the society. But, in ‘reel life’ I can act in various characters and justify their characters. If you start comparing the reel life with the real life you can’t be an actor.

Q. After ‘Chapali Height’ aren’t you termed a ‘Chhada’ actress?

Binita Baral -After the release of Chapali Height people have called me a ‘good versatile actress’. Other believed that, ‘Beenita is the future of Nepali movie industry.’ Some even said ‘Beenita will be the number one actress in Nepal’. Before the release of the movie they termed Beenita Baral a ‘chhada’ actress but not any more. My performance has over-shadowed the ‘chhada’ part.

Q. When you acted in the bed scene in the movie, you were successful in generating erotic desire in viewers. Didn’t it create similar desire in you?

Binita Baral -If you can’t create desire while acting in bed scenes you are not an actor. We think as the character while acting. But in reality Beenita Baral is different. While working if you get such feelings that would be distractions. At that time, Bini (the character in the movie) felt the desire but Beenita didn’t feel anything.

Q. Do you think sex before marriage is good?

Binita Baral -It’s healthy. One should use it properly. If one misuses it, it might destroy one’s life. If the marriage is certain in the future, safe sex before marriage in mutual understanding is ok. That is not a crime.

Q. What age do you think is good for sexual relationship?

Binita Baral -The stage after the start of menstruation period is good enough. At that time a girl becomes adult. Personally, I think it might be better when one is 25 year-old. At that age one gets the maturity to deal with the relationship.

Q. Have you watched blue films?

Binita Baral -Yes. I have watched them although I am not interested. These days internet is full of such stuffs.

Q. What about marriage? When do you want to marry?

Binita Baral -I will obviously marry. But, I am not sure about it. It can be tomorrow. I guess, it might even take three-four years.

Q. What part of the body of a guy attracts you? What would you expect from your life partner?

Binita Baral -I am attracted by the nature of a guy rather that his physical appearance. I usually judge people from the way they treat people other than me. 

I would prefer an understanding life partner. He should love me a lot, support me. I will surely support him. Understanding is the key. A lot of qualities might not be as expected but with love things can be adjusted. Another important thing is education.


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