Jan 312011

Nepali movie industry is criticized for the failure to come up with good quality movies. Although numerous movies are produced and released every year, most of the movies can’t even earn the investment. It came as surprises – scandals involving artists Namrata Shrestha and Puja Lama. We have written about the issues previously in  scandals of 2066, looking back to 2066 – year filled with sex scandals.


This time, it is a TV report that focuses on the involvement of several female cine-artistes in such indecent activities in Nepali movie industry. The three part,  Sagarmatha TV program, Crime Watch, by Pramod Sedhain is posted below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  7 Responses to “Sex Scandals in Nepali movie industry”

  1. namrata shrestha jee hajur ta nepali ko 1 matra beisya mahila ho kina hajurlai yasto nakaratmak kura garna man lagchha kina yadi chahema aafno baba shang garnu ok nepaliko beijat nagarnu ok bye

  2. yeuta kura chai aachammai lagyo… yesto kura haru ta din dinai ghatnee garchass tara kina yesta kura haru ta secret nai hunu ramro ni haina ra..? ani kina namrata ko matrai..? tyo sanga sambandhaa rakhne k ta chai ko ho ani kina yesto gareko k yoo secrecy namrata ko chahana ma nai publish garna lagaiyeko ho ta..? yedi yeso ho bhane kina namrata le dhong garera tetra… ramra ramra movie haru gare direct porn star nai bhaye bhaihalcha ni…
    ma pani yeuta fan hun namratako tesaile khai malai chai yoo kura hazam bhayena…
    Dhaattt… secret bhaneko secrecy mai raheko ramro huncha puplicity garne kura haru pani ta dherai channn.. why not.. ani tyo k ta chai ko hola…? I wonder

  3. hai bipana thapa what is wrong with u. y u play a sex movie. u dont got any nepali movie to play i mean nobody hare in nepali movie and u went to play sex movie.

  4. i would be happy if u can assist me with that

  5. scandals are good for us.. have more scandal news in the site

  6. There should be more scandals… they are also entertaining. We love more scandals. please

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