Jan 272012

Priyanka Karki, the model of the 2004/05 is now an actress. She recently had a bold talk with Jayan for Nagarik’s Shukrabar in which she talked openly about her sexual preferences and life. 


In the interview, Priyanka told that she gives a great importance in sex and says that the sexual relationship before marriage shouldn’t be a taboo. Priyanka is already married and says that she doesn’t get much time to be with her husband so every meet is special and exciting to her.

Priyanka doesn’t like people having sex with multiple people and enjoys the traditional sexual position. She also told that she like experimenting and enjoy sex in closet and dining table. The full detail of the interview is posted after the short introduction of Priyanaka.

The Miss Teen Nepal 2005, Priyanka Karki, started her modeling career in 2004. After winning the Miss Teen title she acted in a lot of advertisements and music videos. She was the hottest sensation of the time until she went to the United States for her higher studies. Priyanka likes dancing, swimming and coin collection. Prianka was born on February 27 in Kathmandu, have 5’6" height and is also called PK or Rose by her loved ones.

Here is the interview in Nepali:


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  3. Is this Interview is Real?

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