Aug 092011

Who is the sexiest actress in Nepali movie industry?

Directors assign the roles of actresses so, they are the most suitable candidate to determine who can be featured in a particular role. Let’s see who is the sexiest in their eyes.

karishma - manandahar

Nepali daily NayaPatrika had asked the directors of Nepali movies: Shiva Regmi, Deepak Shrestha, Naresh Poudel, Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’, Sudarshan Thapa and Shovit Basnet to find out who is the sexiest actress in Nepali movie. The director’s choice is summarized in the following table:

Director Sexiest Actress Foreign Sexiest Sex Appeal New Nepali Actress
Shiva Regmi Jharana Bajracharya Aishwarya Rai Jharana’s Eyes None
Deepak Shrestha Karishma Manandhar Katerina Kaif Karishma’s smile Sumina Ghimire
Naresh Poudel Karishma Manandhar Lara Dutt / Angelina Jolie Karishma’s personality Richa Sharma
Shovit Basnet Rejina Upreti Lara Dutt Rejina’s lips Richa Sharma
Suraj Subba Karishma Manandhar Vidya Balan /Julia Roberts Richa Sharma
Sudarshan Thapa Sushma Karki Anushka Sharma / Angelina Jolie Shushma’s eyes

Karishma Manandhar and Richa Sharma topped the Director’s choice list with three votes each. Jharana Bajracharya, Rejina Upreti, Sumina Ghimire and Sushma Karki were choices of at least one director.


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