Apr 232012

Bhawana Regmi, directors Shiv Regmi’s daughter is going to debut as an actress in a movie, ‘So Simple’, being directed by her own father. The movie inaugurated in Lalitpur last Friday (April 20) is the sixth movie made under the banner of Kotki Kalikadevi Films P. Ltd.


‘So Simple’ features new actors Bhawana Regmi and Pramod Bhardwoj in lead roles and other actors featured in the movie include Rashmi Bhatta, Nirmal Sharma, Wilson Bikram Rai, Bidhya Kafle, Rahul Prajapati, and Phanindra Khatiwada in main roles. Bhawana is currently in the first year of bachelor in nursing. Although Bhawana wants to take nursing as her profession, she wants to take acting as her hobby. Bhawana’s opposite, Pramod Bhardwoj is related to one of the Nepali movie industry personality. He is younger son of script writer Pradeep Bhardwoj.

Shooting of ‘So Simple’ is starting on Baisakh 15, 2068.

**Summary in Nepali**

डाइरेक्टर शिव रेग्मी ले आफ्नो आउदो फिल्म ‘सो सिम्पल’ बाट आफ्नी छोरी भावना रेग्मी लाइ पनि नेपाली फिल्म क्षेत्रमा ल्याउदै छन् बैशाख ८ गते शुक्रबार ललितपुरको महालक्ष्मी स्थान मन्दिरमा शुभमुर्हुत गरिएको ‘सो सिम्पल’ मा भावाना रेग्मी, प्रमोद भारद्वज,  केशब भट्टराई, अर्जुन श्रेष्ठ, सुशिल पोखरेल, विनोद भट्टराई, रश्मी भट्ट, निर्मल शर्मा, विल्सन विक्रम राई, आदिको पनि पनि मुख्य भूमिका रहने छ ।

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