Dec 082015

vando short filmA short movie made on the story of Govinda Malla Gothale, ‘Bhando’ is a psychological story and treating of a servant less than a human. The hot singer and model, Jyoti Magar is featured in the short movie. The movie has been appreciated critically  by the viewers and had also participated in various film festivals. The short film also has English sub-titles.

Short movie – Bhando
Starring – Navaraj Khadka, Jyoti Magar, Ramesh Dhamala, Laxman Neupane, Sushila Joshi etc.
Director – Dipa Basnet

Watch the 10 minutes long short film:

Credit – NK TV

The script and dialogue is written by the director Dipa Basnet, casting director is Dipa’s husband Jibansathi Basnet, camera by Ramesh Dhamala, the producer is BB Basnet, editing by Asim Chitrakar and Budhha Ratan Maharjan.

Dipa Basnet has also directed a couple of full length movies like ‘Shree Paanch Ambare’.

vando short film jyoti magar

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