Aug 102014

The honeymoon tour of actor Shree Krishna Shrestha and actress Sweta Khadka proved to be tragic one. Sweta had to return back alone when the actor couldn’t make it back alive.

Soon after the marriage, Shree and Sweta had gone to India for honeymoon. But, it later turned out that Shree was in fact admitted to a hospital to treat pneumonia. He was later diagnosed of bone cancer too.  These medical conditions killed the actor.

Shree Krishna died on August 9, 2014 at around 11:00 PM. The news had arrived in Nepal early in the morning. The government is planning to offer honor to Shree Krishna. The comedy program to celebrate Gaijatra festival in Pragya Bhawan is  also canceled to honor the actor.


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Kohinoor press meet

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  1. […] This movie is also a tribute to late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha who had died last month. […]

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