Feb 172011

shhama-karki-birthday Actress Shushma Karki has celebrated her 22nd birthday on Monday. The actress, born on the Valentine Day, celebrated her birthday with her closest friends, few Nepali movie industry personalities, and her family at her home in Kaliksthan, Kathmandu.

The actress known for her sexy image and liberal skin show has stepped in acting career with Mero Euta Sathi Chha. After that, in a short time, she has acted in several movies including Timi Mero Ma Timro, Guru Dakshina, Bhismaraj, Batch no. 16, and Ke yo Maya ho.

Sushma, known to show a lot of cleavage in modeling shots and movies hasn’t missed the opportunity do do so during her B-Day (see the attached photo on the right).


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