Jun 262010

sirjana Basnet Actress Srijana Basnet is very busy these days. Apart from acting in movies she is also busy acting in music videos. After the success of music album ‘Darshan Namaste’, of Rajesh Payal Rai, Sirjana is flooded with music video offers.


Sirjana started her movie career from the Tulsi Ghimire’s movie ‘Deuta’. Recently she has completed nearly dozen movies including ‘Timi mero ma timro’, ‘Achanak’, ‘Sindoor’, ‘Kanyadaan’, ‘Raaj’, and ‘Bhulnai Sakina’. Sirjana is known to act in every roles easily including sentimental, comedy, and action roles. Her upcoming movie ‘Bhagdaud’ is expected to start its shooting soon.

Sirjana says that acting in movies and music video is similar. But, music video goes to the viewers sooner than movies, hence the response can also be received sooner.

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