Nov 062012

Model and actress Sushma Karki’s main identity is made on sexy and vulgar roles. But, in a latest report she has told about not doing such roles. That means, she is trying to run away from the only identity she has in the Nepali movie industry.

Sushma Karki saw her popularity after she released hot modeling shots in a number of modeling websites. That helped her get some music video.

The only successful role Sushma had done in a movie is the item dance in ‘Loot’. The dance helped her get opportunity to go to foreign countries and make a good sum of money. The sexy image helped her to get the main role in ‘Bindaas’. But the failure of the movie had affected her movie career. As if that wasn’t enough, she was kicked out of a couple of other movies citing her unprofessional behavior. If the news about her not doing sexy roles is true, one can be certain that her filmy career is in it’s last days. (photo credit


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