Aug 242012

In an interview published in Nepali weekly Saptahik, Sushma Karki has boasted that she had received an offer of 2 lakh per night. Although she told that she didn’t like such fans she has met a lot of people who thought ‘every actress work as call girls’ and ‘every actress have sex videos’. Sushma has realized that it is very difficult to live like a pure actress.


In the interview (attached above the original, in Nepali), she told that once a man called her in the middle of the night and offered 1 lakh for the night. In another incident she had received an offer of 2 lakh per night through Facebook.

Sushma proudly added, “1-2 lakh is not a small amount. Sushma has something that is attracting people.” She added, “The only difference is, they took the attraction in the form of sex not in the form of love .”

It is to be noted that Sushma’s controversial movie ‘Bindaas’ was released on the day her interview was published. Sushma is known to be open in sex related topics who says ‘sex is normal these days‘.


Please comment on Sushma’s statement on the issue.


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  1. luks hot

  2. 1 lakh ta hoina hola hai … ali milaye hune 🙂

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