Aug 142012

The movie featuring hot scenes of actress Sushma Karki got an adult certificate and is not considered suitable for the kids below 16 years old.

The poster and the photos, shot of the movie, have been removed from the post because they are not suitable here.

The censor board members watched the movie four times before it was passed by the board. The director of the movie Raju Giri told that the censor board members were not helpful and it was one of the most frustrating moment for the director. Giri told that they had asked to remove unrelated scenes.

In the past another movie (in Nepali) about Sushma Karki’s posterhad created a huge outrage.


None of the movies – the first and the sequel were successful commercially. But, the production team decided to produce the third sequel. In the third one Sushma Karki was replaced by Suvekshya Thapa. Actress Suvekshya and the director Raju Giri teamed up to produce a lot of movies in the last few years. ‘Bindaas 3’ was one of them.

Almost all of the Raju Giri movies have gone through censor problem because of excessive exposure and story content. One of the most hyped movies, ‘Jism’ went through problem from the beginning because of the actress Archana Paneru. At the time of the release of the movie, the actress and the director had problem with each other. At the time of the release of the movie the actress had started a negative publicity campaign against the movie. Despite the hype and the controversies, the movie had failed to attract audience to the theatre.

These days whereabout of actress Sushma Karki is not known. The director Raju Giri has also slowed down in the

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