Sep 262013
Barbad and Maun releasing on Sept 27

Two new Nepali movies – A hot romantic movie ‘Barbad’  and a movie of deaf and mute ‘Maun’ are releasing on theater on September 27, 2013. The movie featuring Namrata Shrestha and Arpan Thapa as deaf and mute characters, ‘Maun’ is a new experiment in Nepali film industry. The movie produced by Nabin Gauli is […]

Apr 202013
Badhshala, solo release on April 19

On this Friday, ‘Badhshala’ has been the solo release in theaters all over Nepal. Two other movies scheduled to release on Friday were postponed so, ‘Badhshala’ became the only one released on April 19. The movie made on the torture by Nepal Army during Maoist insurgency was banned by the order of Army. When there […]

Feb 212013
Chadke and Bhulnai Sakina to release on Feb 22

This Friday, two new movies are releasing in theaters in Nepal. Nigam Shrestha’s ‘Chadke’ and Depak Shrestha’s ‘Bhulnai Sakina’. These two movies are targeted to two different class of audiences – one for the city dweller youths and other for the conventional movie goers. Deepak is known for directing movies with masala contents while its […]

Dec 282012
Dhanda, Timile Diyako Maya and Bandi releasing on Dec 28

Two new movies, ‘Dhanda’ and ‘Timile Diyako Maya’, are releasing all over Nepal and one previously released movie ‘Bandi’ is releasing in theaters in Kathmandu valley on the last Friday of 2012, on December 28. Director Sudarshan Thapa‘s ‘Dhanda’ features Arpan Thapa, Samuna KC, Subhekshya Thapa, Puskarmani Nepal and Dhruba Gurung in main roles. The […]