Aug 152010
Rose Rana Mugshot

Saroj Thapa, popularly known as Rose Rana as a film maker, actor, and to be director is charged for three human trafficking charges. If convicted, he will have to serve 15 years in prison. Rose had recently surrendered to the police in response to the arrest warrant issued in April. Rose Rana was trying to […]

Jul 212010
Rose Rana Surrendered to the police

Actor, producer and to-be-director, Rose Rana has recently surrendered to the police. The police had issued an arrest warrant when some dancers at his bar were arrested for nude dancing. The girls pleaded guilty and told that Rose Rana had forcefully made them dance like that. The dancers were arrested when police raided two of […]

Apr 272010
Producer, Actor, Rose Rana Arrested for running illegal Dance Bar

Saroj Thapa, known as Rose Rana in Nepali film industry has been arrested in Kathmandu in human trafficking case. Rose Rana along with two others were arrested for forcing dancers to dance nude in VIP Dance Bar of Bagbazar. Rose has recently released ‘Takkar Dui Mutuko’ and ‘Dosti’. In Takkar Dui Mutuko Rose Rana is […]