Aug 162012
Love is Life, Hello Prakriti and Timi Binako Jiwan releasing on August 17

On Friday, August 17 three Nepali movies are going to be released. The movies ‘Love is Life’ and ‘Hello Prakriti’ are being released in theaters all over Nepal while previously released ‘Timi Binako Jiwan’ is being released in theaters in Kathmandu. The movie ‘Love is Life’ features Ayush Rijal, Manita Dahal, Smita thapaliya, Yunish Dhungana, […]

Mar 222012
'My Life' and 'Dilma Sajaya Timilai' to be released on March 23

This week, two movies are going to be released – "My Life" and "Dilma Sajaya Timilai". Both of the release of March 23, 2012 are made on love story. Incoming search terms:suraj rd

Feb 222012
Poster of Tulsi released on Richa's birthday

A poster of "Tulsi", produced by celebrity couple Richa and Shankar Ghimire is made public on the day of Richa’s 29th birthday. After finishing the shooting about two years ago, the movie’s post production was halted for more than a year for  undisclosed reason. "Tulsi" features Richa Ghimire, Bimlesh Adhikari (new face), Ayush Rijal, Bishnu […]