Dec 062011
Etna Karki - Watches blue film to be fresh

Model and a entrepreneur Etna Karki is one more broad-minded model who can speak her feelings freely like Smita Thapa, Sonia KC, or Baby Thapa. In an interview with a weekly Shukrabar, Etna told about her personal preferences. She has openly told about her preference of sex (not commonly admitted by Nepali girls). Following is […]

Nov 252011
Baby Thapa likes sex more than a kiss

In a brief interview with the journalist of Saptahik, Baby Thapa had talked openly about her personal preferences. Here is the summary of the talk: hot photo In a question, ‘Why anybody is loved’ Baby replied, ‘To share internal feelings and be together for life.’ Incoming search terms:baby thapafucking pictures of nepali hot model Smitha […]

Jul 232010
Baby Thapa responds on being kicked out of ‘I am Sorry’

Baby Thapa who also tried to create a sensation, by telling she had numerous boyfriends and is having an affair with a celebrity but failed, was told to be kicked out of an upcoming movie named ‘I am sorry’. The producer Hari Mahat told that the actress was irresponsible of her schedule and hence is […]

Jul 122010
Baby Thapa is also advertising like Smita Thapa

After Kantipur published an ‘advertisement’ of Smita Thapa who told she likes using male for sexual pleasure, another model, Baby Thapa, has published a similar ‘advertisement’ in another daily newspaper. In the article published in Nayapatrika she has told that she has already had 4-5 boyfriends and she is having sexual relation with a Nepali […]