Sep 252017
New movie Mero Paisa Khoi song - Ooh Kanchhi (Barsha Raut)

Mero Paisa Khoi The movie is produced by Rose Rana and directed by Rana himself. Initially, the movie was directed by an Indian director. But, as the shooting progressed, the director and the producer had misunderstanding and the director left erasing all the shooting clips of the movie. As the script was kept secret by […]

Mar 252016
Barsha Raut talks 'Nai Nabhanu La 4' (interview of model and actress)

Highlights of this interview: Barsha explains the reason she has become so famous in a short time. Barsha has already done 100 music videos and a movie titled ‘Nai Nabhanu La 4’. Barsha talks about her role in her movie ‘Nai Nabhanu La 4’. Barsha also talks about how she got another movie ‘Chhakka Panja’. […]