Jun 282017
सुष्मिताको गाली भुवनलाइ, ATM सुगर ड्याडि, डिंगो बा भन्दै - ATM Sugar Daddy Bhuwan KC

Highlights of this video: Actress and ex-wife of Bhuwan KC, Sushmita KC, has called Bhuwan ATM Sugar Daddy. Bhuwn KC is in a live-in relationship with one of the ATM actresses, Jiya KC. It is a clear indication that she is not happy by Bhuwan’s relationship with Jiya. Sushmita is the mother of Anmol KC […]

Mar 132017
होलीमा भुवन र जिया - सम्बन्धमा खुलाउँदै - Bhuwan KC embrace Jiya KC in Holi

Highlights of this video: Bhuwan KC and Jiya KC don’t admit their relationships but Jiya often shares photos of them together. In Dashain, she was seen at Bhuwan’s home with his parents and his son Anmol KC. … Jiya was the only person out of the family – indicating she has already been one of […]

Jan 022017
भुवन देखि सृष्टिसम्म ३ पुस्ताको ऐतिहासिक फेसन शो । Historical Fashion Show,

Highlights of this video: A historical fashion show was held in Kathmandu featuring most of the Nepali movie industry personalities including the first Nepali actress Bhuwan Chand, the first generation actresses like Chaitanya Kumari, Basundhara Bhusal etc. Tulsi Ghimire, Bhuwan KC, Bijaya Lama, Saroj Khanal, Laxmi Giri etc. had also walked on the stage while […]

Jun 062016
Chitrapat - June 6, 2016

This program was shown in NTV. Highlights of this program: Interview of Nepali super star Bhuwan KC. Trailer of new movie ‘Gajalu’. Interview of actress (MIss Nepal) Shtisti Shrestha. Interview of producer Rohit Adhikari. Trailer of new movie ‘Tin Ghumti’. Interview of director/producer Baburam Dhakal.