Jul 112014
Exposure and interviews, Binita Baral, Rekha Thapa and Nisha Adhikari

“What does the story demand?” was a topic of discussion started by Anuj Thapa to Rekha Thapa and Nisha Adhikari. The actresses talked a lot against sex related questions journalists ask to the actresses and forced exposure in the movies. To give an example of how journalists ask questions to actresses please watch a short […]

Aug 192012
Sex before marriage is 'healthy' - Binita Baral

The actress commonly known Chapali Girl, Binita Baral prefers to call herself Beenita, a seven letter name her astrologer thought to be luckier than the 6-letter original name. This interview is the compilation of answers Beenita has given to some of the selected question she was asked. Q. When did the desire to be a […]

Nov 252011
Binita Baral object Chapali Height photo on magazine cover

It seems, Binita Baral is not happy by the publication of a photo taken to be featured in a poster of ‘Chapali Heights‘ movie got published in a magazine cover. She also didn’t like the way she is told not to be wearing anything. Previous posts: Binita Baral in Chapli Height Chapali Heights – a […]