Jun 142017
खुशीको खवर, बिराज भट्ट - हर्के राजा बन्दै - Biraj Bhatt to be Harke Raja

Highlights of this video: Action star Biraj Bhatta is coming back to Nepali cinema in a new movie “Harke Raja” In a program held in Kathmandu, Biraj told that he has returned back to Nepali film industry after working in Jaya Parshuram. Although there are die-hard fans of Biraj, the movie ‘Jaya Parshuram’ wasn’t as […]

Aug 112016
Biraj Bhatt comeback movie Parshuram Controversy

1. Script was written for “Parshuram” 2. Press Meet “Parshuram”, March, 2016 3. “Parshuram” already registered 4. “Jaya” added to “Parshuram” 5. Film shooting, post-production completed 6. Black Chilli Arts claims copyright 7. Both Rose Rana and FDB sued 8. A FDB rule bars adding words to other’s films 9. Patan Court asked Rose Rana […]

Mar 202016
Chitrapat - Biraj Bhatt, Nisha Adhikari, Rekha Thapa interviews

This program was shown in NTV. Highlights of this program: Host Prakash Subedi talks about last week’s false news of actress Shilpa’s engagement. Interview of producer and director Rose Rana. Interview of actor Biraj Bhatta. Interview of actress Nisha Adhikari. Political news about Nepali actor,actress,producer director etc. Trailer of new movie ‘Rampyari’. Interview of Rekha […]

Sep 102014
Nepali Movie - Gangajal

Nepali movie – Gangajal Starring – Biraj Bhatt, Rekha Thapa,  Shovita Simkhada, Sushil Chhetri, Dipti Giri etc. Story / Direction – Pramod Bhandari ‘Gangajal’ is a presentation of Jaya Guru Ganesh production by Sunil Dhakal. The script and the dialogue of the movie is written by Shivam Adhikari. The movie featuring two hot actresses Rekha […]

Sep 102014
Nepali Movie - Pratikar

Nepali Movie – Pratikar Starring – Biraj Bhatt, Rekha Thapa, Shakti kapoor, Manoj Narayan, Vinay Bihari, Shahbaaz Khan, Mithila Sharma, Nandu Shrivastav, Vajeer Khan, Suvekchya Thapa, Kherudeen, Sampada Baniya etc. Director – Manoj Narayan The movie ‘Pratikar’ is an action-themed Bhojpuri movie dubbed into Nepali language. The original name in the Bhojpuri release of this […]

Feb 202014
Jholey and Samrat releasing on February 21

Two movies are releasing in Nepal on February 21. A movie dubbed from Bhojpuri and featuring Biraj Bhatt – ‘Samrat’ and a movie featuring Priyanka Karki and Dayahang Rai – ‘Jholey’ will compete in theater to win heart of the viewers. Said to be a dark comedy, ‘Jholey’ sounds like another historical movie released on […]

Oct 112013
Damini and Kali releasing on October 11

Two movies of actress Rekha Thapa – ‘Damini’ and ‘Kali’ are releasing in theater in Dashain. The Bhojpuri version of ‘Damini’ was previously released and the Nepali version is brought by its distributor to compete with Rekha’s ‘Kali’. It had been quite a while since any Biraj Bhatt movie was released in Nepal. Because of […]

Jun 012013
Dil, Romance and Karja Ragatko released on June 1

This week, three new Nepali movies – ‘Dil’, ‘Romnce’ and ‘Karja Ragatko’ are released in theaters this week. ‘Dil’ is made on a love story by Manoj Shrestha. Manoj is the writer, director, producer and the actor in the movie. The movie features actress Jharana Thapa with Manoj Shrestha.

Apr 262013
Himmat 2 and Mero Manko Sathi releasing on April 26

Two new movies "Himmat 2" and "Mero Manko Sathi" are releasing in theaters in Kathmandu on April 26.  Director Deepak Shrestha’s "Himmat 2" was previously released in theaters out of Kathmandu so, it will only be released in Kathmandu. The action movie features Biraj Bhatt and Yuna Upreti in lead role. Incoming search terms:nepali film […]