Dec 082015
Aryan's wife Sapana Sigdel turns 26 (photo feature)

The wife of the popular actor Aryan Sigdel, Sapana Bhandari, has turned 26 years old. Aryan married Sapana last year after a long love affair. The marriage a week before the release of Aryan’s home production movie ‘November Rain’ was considered a risky move. There was a possibility of alienating his female fans. He got […]

Nov 242013
Happy Birthday Chhabi Raj Ojha

Film producer Chhabi Raj Ojha celebrated his 48th birthday on Friday, November 22. The ex-husband of actress Rekha Thapa is known as one of the most successful producers of Nepali movies. Before the divorce with Rekha, he used to produce movies under Rekha Films and he registered Chhabiraj Films to produce movies after the separation. […]

May 172013
Madan Krishna celebrated 63rd birthday

Comedy artist Madan Krishna Shrestha celebrated his 63rd birthday in Sunkothi, Lalitpur. The event was organized in his home on May 15, 2013. Last year, he didn’t celebrate his birthday because of the health issue of his wife Yasodha. The canse in Yasodha is cured now and he expressed his happiness in celebrating the birthday. […]

Feb 052013
Happy Birthday Sweta Khadka

Nepali actress Sweta Khadka has turned 24. Although many of her friends and fans don’t believe she is so young, she has assured that she has turned 24 on Magh 23, 2069 (February 5, 2013).  Sweta added, her passport and citizenship certificate however have a different date of birth in Baisakh. Sweta told that her […]

Nov 262012
Happy Birthday Chhabi Raj Ojha

One of the most successful producers of Nepali movie industry Chhabi Raj Ojha celebrated his birthday on Thursday, Nov 22. On the occasion he had organized a party with his friends on the initiation of fight director Chandra Pant. In the birthday celebration the most missed person by the participants wa Rekha Thapa. Although Rekha […]

Oct 162012
Happy Birthday Nandita KC

Actress Nandita KC has celebrated her birthday on 15th October 2012. Although she didn’t have any formal birthday program, she celebrated with her family members. Nandita was busy till late for the shooting of a music video the day earlier so she woke up late to offer prayer to the god on the birthday. Nandita […]