Nov 112010
History: Nepali folk tune converted to Hindi for a movie

Denny Denzongpa, an Indian actor of Nepali origin sang a Nepali song with the Indian melody queen Aasa Bhosle back in 1976. The Nepali song was suppressed and was converted to Hindi song in a movie produced by Danny himself. The movie ‘Phir wohi Raat’ was released in 1980 featuring Rajesh Khanna in the lead […]

Jun 012010
Historical profile of Nepali Cinema from Monarchy To Republic

Filmmakers and critics in Nepali movie industry have still been divided as to whether the history of Nepali movie begins from Satya Harischandra or Aama. Some argue that Satya Harischandra was not the first Nepali movie for two reasons: It was not produced in Nepal: all the work of this historic film was done in […]