Oct 142015
How Actors Celebrating Dashain

This video was shown in aTV. Highlights of this video: Interview of comedian, singer Kiran KC. Interview of Madan Krishna Shrestha. Interview of artist Nirmal Sharma. Intreview of actress Keki Adhikari. Interview of Hari Bansa Acharya. Interview of actor,singer Babu Bogati.

Jul 112014
Exposure and interviews, Binita Baral, Rekha Thapa and Nisha Adhikari

“What does the story demand?” was a topic of discussion started by Anuj Thapa to Rekha Thapa and Nisha Adhikari. The actresses talked a lot against sex related questions journalists ask to the actresses and forced exposure in the movies. To give an example of how journalists ask questions to actresses please watch a short […]

Aug 192012
Sex before marriage is 'healthy' - Binita Baral

The actress commonly known Chapali Girl, Binita Baral prefers to call herself Beenita, a seven letter name her astrologer thought to be luckier than the 6-letter original name. This interview is the compilation of answers Beenita has given to some of the selected question she was asked. Q. When did the desire to be a […]

Nov 252011
Baby Thapa likes sex more than a kiss

In a brief interview with the journalist of Saptahik, Baby Thapa had talked openly about her personal preferences. Here is the summary of the talk: In a question, ‘Why anybody is loved’ Baby replied, ‘To share internal feelings and be together for life.’ Incoming search terms:baby thapafucking pictures of nepali hot model Smitha Thapahot smita […]

Jan 102011
Bhuwan KC in politics - Formally enters CPN UML

Actor and producer Bhuwan KC has formally become the member of the political party, CPN UML, in a program organized on January 3, 2011. In the program the acting Prime Minister Madhav Nepal welcomed him in the party. The actual reason for the sudden change in political camp is unknown, but many have anticipated it […]