Aug 242013
Gambler, Dui Duna Paanch and Karamat released on August 23

Three new Nepali movies ‘Gambler’, ‘Dui Duna Paanch’ and ‘Karamat’ were released in the theaters on August 23, 2013. At the last minute the release of ‘Gambler’ in theaters out of Kathmandu was postponed. ‘Gambler’ is directed by Ramesh Budhathoki and is made on the story of gambler. The movie also marks the comeback of […]

Jul 072012
Jungle Love, Khai Ko Kasko, Bhagi Bhagi Najau released on July 6

The first movie of the actress who died recently, Jeshika Khadka, ‘Jungle Love’ is being released in theaters out of Kathmandu. In Kathmandu two movies ‘Khai Ko Kasko’ and ‘Bhagi Bhagi Najau’ are being released on July 6, 2012.

Nov 242011
Mero Maya Timilai, Devyani, and Jab Jab Maya Bascha to be released on Nov. 25

Three movies are going to release this week. Two of the movies "Mero Maya Timilai" and "Devyani" will compete in the theaters in Kathamand. Another movie "Jab Jab Maya Bascha" will be released in theaters out of Kathmandu. Although, "Mero Maya Timilai" is released in theaters out of Kathmandu, "Devyani"  is only screened in theaters […]