Jun 152017
झरना थापा पनि पलायन ग्रिन कार्ड लिएर अमेरिका - Jharana Thapa USA green card

Highlights of this video: The well known actress of the Nepali film industry, Jharana Thapa, has become one more Nepali film artist to leave Nepal. She has reportedly obtained the Green Card and has permanently moved to the USA. Although Jharana Thapa and her family is yet to confirm the report, the online version of […]

Apr 082017
चुरोट खाने हिरोइनहरु, राजेश हमालको अनुभवबाट सिक्ने कि? Smoking actress Rekha, Namrata, Priyanka

Highlights of this video: Smoking is injurious to health but, it is a very tough habit. Once addicted quitting is tough. Actor Rajesh Hamal had a bad experience 5 years ago because of the bad breath caused by smoking during a shooting. I have listed the smoker actresses. The list of actresses who smoke off […]

Mar 102017
करिश्माले राजेश हमाल माथि हमला सहित होलीका झलकहरु - Karishma Rajesh Hamal, Jyoti Magar, Rekha Holi

Highlights of this video: I have collected some of the highlights of the holi celebration by Nepali celebrities. One of the biggest Holi party is being organized at Karishma Manandhar’s home for the last few years. Chhabi Raj Ojha also celebrates holi at his office. Director Aakash Adhikari also organizes holi party. FM Radio stations, […]

Oct 062016
Dashain plans of Nepali actresses, Karishma, Jharana, Neeta, Rajani, Anu, Mahima

Highlights of this video: What are the plans of Nepali actresses in Dashain. Karishma Manandhar Dahsain plan. Jharana Thapa Dashain plan. Rajani KC Dashain plan. Neeta Dhungana Dashain plan. Suvekshya Thapa Dashain plan. Anu Shah Dashainplan. Mahima Silwal Dashainplan. Incoming search terms:www comjat garima

Jul 072016
Samragyee cries after winning the Best Newcomer Actress Award in FAAN 2073

  Highlights of this video: Sanragyee talks about her happiness on winning the best actress award. Jharana says that she is happy for Samragyee. Jharana told that she knew the award was going to Samragyee. Jharana talks about the role of Samragyee in Jharana’s new movie ‘A Mero Hajur 2’. Samragyee explains why she is […]

Feb 262016
Nepali film - Kina Lagchha Maya

A film by Popular Multimedia, ‘Kina Lagchha Maya’ also features the musician Laxman Shesh as an actor. Laxman Shesh has composed the music,  Pramod Dhungana has written the lyrics, Dinesh Sunam has arranged the background music,  Banish Shah is editor, Roshan Shrestha is fight director, song direction by Deepak Bajracharya, Tika Laxmi Shrestha wrote the […]

Apr 302015
The program was operated in the Bhrikutimandap at Blood Media Centre in which in that program the participants were film director-producer, actor-actress with film reporters

– Actor Aryan Sigdel donated blood. – Actress Namrata Shrestha donated blood. – Interview of actor Aryan Sigdel. – Interview of actress Namrata Shrestha. – Actress Jharana Thapa donated blood. – Interview of director Dinesh DC. – Interview of director Shovit Basnet. – Interview of Deepa Shree Niraula.

Aug 182014
Actress Jharana Thapa Talking About Actor Shree Krishna's Death

This program shown in online khabar. Jharana Thapa became sentimental while talking about Shree Krishna’s Death. Jharana’s husband Sunil got a call at 5am. Jharana said Shree Krishna’s  like a family member for her. Jharana said actor Shree Krishna was kind and helpful person, he taught me a lot. Jharana said i don’t know why […]