Sep 062012
Sabina Karki loves looking at her body

Actress Sabina Karki debuted in Nepali movie sector in the Nepali movie ‘Dulahi Rani’. After that she acted in movies ‘ATM’ and ‘The Famous’. Vulgar dialogues of ‘ATM’ dragged her in controversy and she has made an image of sexy actress in Nepali movie industry. In an interview with an online magazine, Sabina talked about […]

Mar 142011
Zia KC- It is only lip kiss, not a tongue kiss

Actress Zia KC (Jiya KC) started her filmy journey from Dipak Shrestha’s “Ho Yahi ta Maya Ho” and finished two more movies before any of them were released. Her fourth movie is going to start shooting in near future. In the first movie she acted with top personalities like Rajesh Hamal, Karishma Manandhar and Raj […]