Feb 252016
Karishma Manandhar (Interview about Fagu)

This interview was shown in aTV. Highlights of this interview: Karisma says why she had released her movie ‘Fagu’ before Fagu Purnima. Karishma talks about every color has their own definition. Karishma says the movie ‘Fagu’ is about a girl named Fagu and the story about her. In ‘Fagu’ movie they celebrate fagu festival with […]

Dec 202015
Karishma Manandhar and Shilpa Pokharel talk about new movie Falgu

Interview of Karishma Manandhar: Karishma request everybody to go and watch the movie ‘Phalgu’. She has claimed that the director Samjhana, her husband Binod and herself have tried their best to make a good film. Karishma says that all the artists in the movie were selected by audition. Director Samjhana also talks about her second […]

Aug 092011
Sexy Nepali Actress - Director choose the sexiest actress

Who is the sexiest actress in Nepali movie industry? Directors assign the roles of actresses so, they are the most suitable candidate to determine who can be featured in a particular role. Let’s see who is the sexiest in their eyes. Nepali daily NayaPatrika had asked the directors of Nepali movies: Shiva Regmi, Deepak Shrestha, […]

Apr 262011
Karishma and Gauri Malla used to use vulgar language to tease Narayan Puri

In an interview a noted Nepali film director, Narayan Puri, has claimed that Nepali actresses Karishma Manandhar and Gauri Malla used to tease him using vulgar language. Narayan Puri became a director at a very young age and he was younger than the actresses Karishma and Gauri. He told that he used to call them […]

Mar 212011
Karishma Manandhar in NEFTA Films Awards

Although being old enough to be suitable for mother’s role in movies, Karishma Manandhar, is still stunning. Her age hasn’t stopped her from creating glamorous sensations from time to time on-screen  and off-screen. Karishma created news, more than once, by wearing a short skirt showing the garment underneath. Then another hot news was about a […]

Mar 192011
Holi Celebration -at Karishma Manandhar house

Karishma Manandhar organized an event for the Holi in her home on March 19, 2011. In the event, almost all the film related personalities were present and the event was very fun filled and interesting. Here are some of the photos and a video from the event (credits dcnepal):