Jun 122017
राजेश हमाल र मधु संगै देखिंदै - Rajesh Hamal and Madhu Bhattarai to be seen together

Highlights of this video: It has been more than a decade the superstar of Nepali film industry Rajesh Hamal and model Madhu Bhattarai had met. They had a long love affair and got married in 2014. But, for the first time they are going to be featured together in an ad. Also features the photos […]

Mar 122013
Rajesh Hamal's girlfriend Madhu Bhattarai - photo revealed

The photos of Rajesh Hamal‘s girlfriend is published in newspapers today. Rajesh Hamal had been successful in hiding his girlfriend for half a decade until the photo was revealed today in media. The Mongolian faced Madhu Bhattarai had also participated in a couple of beauty contests and the photos revealed are from those contests.