May 182017
मिस नेपालका विवादहरू - miss nepal controversies of 1997 and 1998

Highlights of this video: This is part 1 of the series of the controversies in Miss Nepal. In this video I talk about how The Hidden Treasure took the Miss Nepal pageant from Kathmandu Jaycees ? Gopal Sundar Lal Kashapati’s role in the organization of Miss Nepal. Miss World introduction and Miss Asia pacific participation. […]

Mar 082017
हेर्नुहोस मिस नेपालका श्रीमानहरु कस्ता कस्ता छन ? Miss Nepal Husbands (all of them)

Highlights of this video: Husbands of all the miss Nepal of Nepal so far – from first Miss Nepal Ruby Rana to the last one who got married last year, Zenisha Moktan. This is in compliment to the last video in which I presented all the unmarried Miss Nepal.

Mar 082017
यि हुन विवाह गर्न बाँकि मिस नेपालहरु Unmarried miss Nepal - Asmi, Malina, Shristi (UPDATE)

Highlights of this video: All the miss Nepal from 1994 to 2009 have already married. Miss Nepal 1995 Sumi Khadka wasn’t married until 2015. Miss Nepal 1997 Jharana Bajracharya also married in 2015. Miss Nepal 2009 Zenisha Moktan got married in 2016. After these marriages, the only remaining Miss Nepal are the ones crowned after […]

Jun 072014
Miss Nepal doing satisfactory business on the first week of release

The only movie released this week, ‘Miss Nepal’ is doing a satisfactory business on its first week of release. The producer and the actress Suvekchya Thapa expressed her happiness in the initial business of the movie. The movie released last week in theaters out of Kathmandu is still keeping holdover in some of the theaters. […]

Apr 102011
Suvekshya Thapa - sex is a natural gift

Suvekhya Thapa is one of the new actress in Nepali movie industry with a lot of potential. She started her acting career with theater and started acting in movie as assistant actress. Later, when she did the leading actress role in Dhrubatara, she never looked back. In a short time in Nepali movie sector, she […]