Jun 152015
Actress Namrata Sapkota talks about Birano Maya

Highlights of this video: Actress Namrata Sapkota says the shooting of new movie ‘Birano Maya’ will start soon. After earthquake she hopes the movie sector will become normal in a while. Actor Shree Dev Bhattarai also talked about the movie “Birano Maya”. The director of this movie is Madhav Kharel.

May 162013
Antaral and Khagras releasing on May 17

Two new Nepali movies ‘Antaral’ and ‘Khagras’ are being released on Friday, May 17. The movie ‘Antaral’ is directed by a new female director, Deepa Basnet. The movie is made on the story of youths living in Kathmandu in rental homes. The movie features Namrata Sapkota, Ashishma Nakarmi, Ruby Rana, Manav Subedi, Kamalmani Nepal etc. […]