Apr 252017
नम्रताले बिहे गर्दै - २ चोटि सगरमाथा चढेका दावा स्टिभन शेर्पासंग ? Dawa Steven Shearpa and Namrata Shrestha

Highlights of this video: Nepali Actress Namrata Shrestha is in deep love with Nepali entrepreneur Dawa Steven Sherpa . If rumours are to be believed, they are getting married in a year. Who is Dawa? – He has scaled Mt. Everest twice. He was born in March 1984 – graduated from Heriot-Watt University Scotland with […]

Apr 192017
New Nepali Full Movie 'Megha'

Megha, a Nepali film directed by Samjhana Upreti Rauniar , on relationship depicting life of a upper middle class professional architect Megha (Namrata Shrestha) caught between her husband Ishan (Raymon Das Shrestha) and her lover Gaurab (Siddhartha Koirala).. Music/Lyrics : Gopal Yonjan Choreographer: Kamal Rai Editor: Banish Shah Cinematography: Ram Sharan Uprety / Produced by […]

Apr 082017
चुरोट खाने हिरोइनहरु, राजेश हमालको अनुभवबाट सिक्ने कि? Smoking actress Rekha, Namrata, Priyanka

Highlights of this video: Smoking is injurious to health but, it is a very tough habit. Once addicted quitting is tough. Actor Rajesh Hamal had a bad experience 5 years ago because of the bad breath caused by smoking during a shooting. I have listed the smoker actresses. The list of actresses who smoke off […]

Mar 062017
Top 10 Nepali Actresses chosen by 10 directors (केकी, नम्रता, प्रियंका, रेखा,शिल्पा )

Highlights of this video: 10 active directos of Nepali movie industry select the top 10 actresses in the Nepali film industry. Watch the video to know who is the top actress when directors are asked to choose. Incoming search terms:nepali saxstory com

Feb 172017
Top 10 women of 2017 - प्रियंका, हिमानी, इन्दिरा, नम्रता

Highlights of this video: The top 10 women of 2017 by Saptahik. Watch the 10 10 women and tell which one shouldn’t have been in the list and the ones that should have been included in the list. It is good to see Gaurika Singh in the list but some other missing Nepali women include […]

Jan 272017
New Nepali Full Movie 'Homework'

New Nepali Movie – “Homework” Full Movie | A Film By Nirak Poudel Producer : Nikita Poudel, Niraj Poudel, Nirak Poudel Director : Nirak Poudel Cast : Aryan Sigdel, Gauri Malla, Namrata Shrestha, Director Of Photography : Prushotam Pradhan Music Director : Tara Prakash Limbu Singer : Tara Prakash Limbu, Prabisha Aadhikari Lyrics : Dr. […]

Jan 152017
New Nepali Full Movie 'Classic'

Classic Full Movie Director : Dinesh Raut Producer : Subas Giri Executive Producer: Kamal Giri Cast: Aaryan Sigdel, Namrataa Shrestha, Romi Wani Ghimire, Prajwal Sujal Giri, Sushil Kafle, Shisir Rana, etc. Writer: Chhetan Gurung Line Producer: Jiban Bhai Arrange: Sahas Shakya Music On: Rubusha Creative Works Associate Director: Bikash Subedi Chief Asst. Director: Dinesh Bdr […]