Dec 222011
The Game to release on December 23

Female director Rakshya Singh Rana’s debut movie ‘The Game’ is going to be released on December 23. Rakshya had worked as an film editor for almost a decade before deciding to start directing movies. The movie is produced by Madhudevi Rana and Bunu Bista and is written by B.S. Rana. The movie team is going […]

Nov 192011
Malai Man Paryo released all over Nepal on Nov. 18

A movie based on the story of character who can’t talk, "Malai Man Paryo" is being screened in theaters all over Nepal on November 18. 2011. In the movie, actor Jiwan Luitel and actress Niruta Singh both can’t speak due to different accidents they met with. In the later part, Jiwan regains his voice but […]

Nov 122011
Farki Aau and Hamro Maya Juni Juni Lai - released on Nov. 11

A movie based on an old-character found in Rolpa during the people’s war of Maoist, “Farki Aau”, is released in all over Nepal on November 11, 2011. Maoist leader and the wife the Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai, Hisila Yami, and other Maoist leaders were present in the premier of the movie held on Thursday morning. […]

Jul 212010
Audio of ‘Desh’ released

Audio cassette of a movie named ‘Desh’ was released on Monday (July 19, 2010) in Kathmandu. The movie, based on the love for the country, is written and directed by Tulsi Ghimire. In the movie, Rajesh Hamal is acting in the leading role as a journalist. Nikhil Upreti and Niruta Singh are also in the […]

Apr 292010
Niruta Singh personal preferences

Actress Niruta Singh talks about her personal preferences. Summery of her choices are: Favorite in TV – News Talking on phone –  with parents Best place to go – Pokhara Best game – Basketball Best food – Aalu dum, chicken, and saag Best song – Narayan Gopal’s ‘Saawan ko Jhari Bani’ Best website – YouTube […]

Apr 162010
Niruta Singh returned from Mumbai

Niruta didn’t find job in Mumbai… नेपाली चलचित्रमा पुराना नायिकाहरु फर्कने क्रम बढेको छ। दुई दशक अघि नेपाली फिल्म उद्योग छाडेकी मनिषा कोईराला मात्र हैन, लामो समय देखि अमेरिका बस्दै आएकी करिश्मा मानन्धर पनि नेपाली सिनेमामा फर्किएकी छन्। हालै मात्र नेपाल आएकी करिश्मा मान्धर अब निरन्तर नेपाली सिनेमामै काम गर्ने योजनामा छिन्। यस्तै बिगत दुई […]

Apr 112010
Niruta Singh has more to do - Interview

“This coming October, I will celebrate my seventeen years in Nepali silver screen,” Niruta Singh, the promising actress who started her film career from Tulsi Ghimire’s Dakshina. With more than seven dozen films under her belt, Niruta still insists that her days as a heroine are still not over and she still has “a long […]