Aug 082014
Charity show of Mero Valentine held in Kathamndu

The movie released on August 1 held a charity show on Tuesday, August 5 for journalists. The show held in Kumari theater in Kathmandu, the movie unit was also present. A video report on the event: After watching the movie the journalists appreciated the comedy in the movie. Although the story of the movie is […]

Jul 112014
Exposure and interviews, Binita Baral, Rekha Thapa and Nisha Adhikari

“What does the story demand?” was a topic of discussion started by Anuj Thapa to Rekha Thapa and Nisha Adhikari. The actresses talked a lot against sex related questions journalists ask to the actresses and forced exposure in the movies. To give an example of how journalists ask questions to actresses please watch a short […]

Jul 052014
Frame by Frame by Sahana Bajracharya

The July first week edition of film program ‘Frame by Frame’ by Sahana Bajracharya features the following details: The controversies of the National Award. Actress Priyanka Karki commented on the award and expressed her dissatisfaction on Neeta Dhungana winning the best actress award. Director Nischal Basnet also expressed his dissatisfaction on the National award. News […]

Jan 312013
Nisha Adhikari starts social work

Well known actress Nisha Adhikari has started an organization named Yuva Udan to start social work. In a press conference organized in Reporters Club Nisha told that the organization will help Nepali by the help of other Nepali. Nisha is considered one of the actresses with potential in Nepali movie industry.

Mar 042012
Nisha Adhikari and bad mannered journalist (video)

During the celebration of 51 days of movie ‘Loot’ actress Nisha Adhikari tried to snatch camera of a journalist for an unknown reason. Incoming search terms:Nisha Adhikari Underware picskaki adhikari fuck photosNisha Adhikari fuck photonisha adhikari fucked picnisha adhikari fuck photo newnew nepali actress nisha adhikari fucking picsnepali actress keki adhikari fucking videoskeki adhikari fucking […]