May 122017
श्रीमान गम्भीरको भुतले सेन्सर तर्स्यो, पन्चायत फिल्मको गुनासो - Old National Anthem Censor problem

Highlights of this video: “Shreeman Gambhir Nepali” that was the National Anthem of Nepal in the Panchayat Era. Now, new National anthem is being used in Nepal But, when a film incorporated the old-nathional anthem, the censor board objected. The film directed by Shivam Adhikari, ‘Panchayat’ is going through tough time dealing with the Board […]

Mar 142015
New Nepali Movie 'Bhool Bhulaiya' - America Premiere - Review

– ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’ is a love story in which it has a social message. – The movie shows that true love is not just being physically close. – In this movie we can see Jeevan Luitel and Nita Dhugana in the lead role. – The movie is produced by Sushil Karki, Suresh Gautum and Mani […]

Dec 282012
Dhanda, Timile Diyako Maya and Bandi releasing on Dec 28

Two new movies, ‘Dhanda’ and ‘Timile Diyako Maya’, are releasing all over Nepal and one previously released movie ‘Bandi’ is releasing in theaters in Kathmandu valley on the last Friday of 2012, on December 28. Director Sudarshan Thapa‘s ‘Dhanda’ features Arpan Thapa, Samuna KC, Subhekshya Thapa, Puskarmani Nepal and Dhruba Gurung in main roles. The […]

May 092011
Talk in the town - Kiss between Nita Dhungana and Mukesh Dhakal

Talks about the kiss between Neeta Dhungana and Mukesh Dhakal has caused some raised eyebrows in the Nepali movie industry. Although the artist refuse to accept, the deep kiss scene from the Rishi Lamichane’s movie ‘Hamro Maya Juni Junilai’ is suspected to be one of the marketing strategy to promote the movie. Although kiss scenes […]

Jul 232010
Baby Thapa responds on being kicked out of ‘I am Sorry’

Baby Thapa who also tried to create a sensation, by telling she had numerous boyfriends and is having an affair with a celebrity but failed, was told to be kicked out of an upcoming movie named ‘I am sorry’. The producer Hari Mahat told that the actress was irresponsible of her schedule and hence is […]