Feb 262016
Nepali film - Kina Lagchha Maya

A film by Popular Multimedia, ‘Kina Lagchha Maya’ also features the musician Laxman Shesh as an actor. Laxman Shesh has composed the music,  Pramod Dhungana has written the lyrics, Dinesh Sunam has arranged the background music,  Banish Shah is editor, Roshan Shrestha is fight director, song direction by Deepak Bajracharya, Tika Laxmi Shrestha wrote the […]

Mar 072014
Ritu, Mero Best Friend and Tori Lahure released on March 7

Three new movies ‘Ritu’, ‘Mero Best Friend’ and ‘Tori Lahure’ were released on theater on Firday March 7. ‘Ritu’ is the debut movie of Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi in leading role. With Malina, Reema Bishowkarma and Raj Ballav Koirala are featured in the movie. The movie directed by Australia resident Nepali, Manoj Adhikari is […]

Nov 272013
Urbashi and Kohi Ta Chha releasing on Nov. 29

The film release halted due to the election is going to end next week with the release of two Nepali movies ‘Urbashi’ and ‘Kohi Ta Chha’. Director Manish Pantha’s ‘Urbashi’ marks the comeback of actress Arunima Lamsal after giving birth to daughter. The movie also features Kishor Khatiwada, Neeta Dhungana, Kishor Shrestha and Arunima in […]

Jun 222012
Apabad, Plan, Mahan released on June 22

This Friday, June 22, 2012, three Nepali movies were released in the theaters in Nepal. Most awaited movie ‘Apabad’, Shovit Basnet’s movie ‘Plan’ are being released in theaters all over Nepal while Dinesh Sharma’s ‘Mahan’ is being released in theaters in Kathmandu.

Nov 192011
Malai Man Paryo released all over Nepal on Nov. 18

A movie based on the story of character who can’t talk, "Malai Man Paryo" is being screened in theaters all over Nepal on November 18. 2011. In the movie, actor Jiwan Luitel and actress Niruta Singh both can’t speak due to different accidents they met with. In the later part, Jiwan regains his voice but […]

Nov 042011
Masan and Kalapani released on Nov. 4

Two movies  considered to be "Special movies" by the Nepal Film Board, "Masan" and "Kalapani" are being released in Kathmandu today. ‘Kalapani’  will be released in the theaters out of Kathmandu next week.