Aug 092011
Sexy Nepali Actress - Director choose the sexiest actress

Who is the sexiest actress in Nepali movie industry? Directors assign the roles of actresses so, they are the most suitable candidate to determine who can be featured in a particular role. Let’s see who is the sexiest in their eyes. Nepali daily NayaPatrika had asked the directors of Nepali movies: Shiva Regmi, Deepak Shrestha, […]

Apr 072010
Rejina Upreti and mosquito problem in Birgunj

Rejina Upreti is in Birgunj, Eastern Nepal for shooting for Bhojpuri film ‘Pyar Karela Himmat Chahi’. This is the first Bhojpuri movie in which Rejina is in the leading role. The Bhojpuri movie is directed by Anil Saraff and is being shot in and around Birgunj. With rising temperature the mosquito population is increasing in […]