May 172017
स्टारडम जोगाउन तालमेल - रेखाको फिल्ममा आर्यन कसरी ? Aryan Sigdel in Rekha film Rudra Priya

Highlights of this video: It seems like a political coalition during the election – the coalition between Rekha Thapa and Aryan Sigdel is an attempt to save the dwindling stardom of Rekha Thapa. Aryan is one of the top actors of the film industry — In the other hand Rekha Films is known to introduce […]

Apr 082017
चुरोट खाने हिरोइनहरु, राजेश हमालको अनुभवबाट सिक्ने कि? Smoking actress Rekha, Namrata, Priyanka

Highlights of this video: Smoking is injurious to health but, it is a very tough habit. Once addicted quitting is tough. Actor Rajesh Hamal had a bad experience 5 years ago because of the bad breath caused by smoking during a shooting. I have listed the smoker actresses. The list of actresses who smoke off […]

Mar 112017
७ बर्ष ५ मिनेटमा रेखा थापाको होली - 7 years in 5 minutes Rekha Thapa Holi 2010 to 2017

Highlights of this video: This is a collection of Holi celebration of Nepali actress Rekha Thapa. Starting 2010. In 2010 – Rekha Celebrated holi with Aayush Rijal – the actor who debuted in Hifajat. In 2011 – Rekha celebrated holi at Karishma Manandhar’s home. It was a huge party with almost all the film industry […]

Mar 102017
करिश्माले राजेश हमाल माथि हमला सहित होलीका झलकहरु - Karishma Rajesh Hamal, Jyoti Magar, Rekha Holi

Highlights of this video: I have collected some of the highlights of the holi celebration by Nepali celebrities. One of the biggest Holi party is being organized at Karishma Manandhar’s home for the last few years. Chhabi Raj Ojha also celebrates holi at his office. Director Aakash Adhikari also organizes holi party. FM Radio stations, […]

Feb 152017
अल्लारे कुमार भन्दा कान्छी बन्न ठिक भन्ने अभिनेत्रिहरु; रेखा देखि संचितासम्म - Married only please!

Highlights of this video: Actresses who preferred married guys to unmarried ones. Actresses who preferred previously married guy to unmarried one. Eight Nepali actress who have married an already married man: Actress Sharmila Malla’s husband Krishna Malla was three times married at the time of her marriage. Rekha Thapa married a two times previously married […]

Feb 012017
सावधान रेखाको बिहे भनेर तपाइ पनि झुक्किनु भो ? Rekha Thapa fake marriage

Highlights of this video: Fake news are going on like wild fire. Some are totally fake like Rekha Thapa’s death. Other are partially fake like this one – Rekha Thapa’s marriage. They save their face by telling that the news is fake at the end.

Jan 242017
यो कस्तो नशा? शिल्पा र निशा पनि थपिए । Producer Heroine Rekha to Shilpa Pokharel

The Nepali actresses who had also been a film producer include Deepa Shree Niraula, Rekha Thapa, Jharana Thapa, Karishma Manandhar, Sharmila Malla, Mausami Malla, Rejina Upreti, Poojana Pradhan, Namrata Shrestha, Jenny Kunwar, Richa Singh Thakuri, Richa Sharma, Richa Ghimire, Suvekshya Thapa, Chhulthim Gurung.

Jan 062017
Rekha Singing at De Celebrity Runway 2016

Highlights of this video:  Being actress at an old age is not easy. That is why, Rekha has been trying to change her profession for some time. She tried social work but failed. She tried film direction in ‘Himmatwali’ although the movie was successful, she found it tough and found somebody else to direct her […]