Dec 072016
Samragyee RL Shah is not in love

Highlights of this video: It might be good news to the fans of Samragyee RL Shah – specially the guys that Samragyee is not in love. Then, who is Mayank Khadka – the DJ Samragyee had shared photos of on her birthday? Although it doesn’t sound like she isn’t in love, she says something her […]

Jul 072016
Samragyee cries after winning the Best Newcomer Actress Award in FAAN 2073

  Highlights of this video: Sanragyee talks about her happiness on winning the best actress award. Jharana says that she is happy for Samragyee. Jharana told that she knew the award was going to Samragyee. Jharana talks about the role of Samragyee in Jharana’s new movie ‘A Mero Hajur 2’. Samragyee explains why she is […]

Mar 302016
Dreams Nepali Movie Song

Movie: Dreams song Title: Timi Samu Vocal: Somiya Barali Music: Bishes Pandey, Rodit Bhandari Lyricist: Bishes Pandey, Rodit Bhandari Ft: Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah Incoming search terms:Nepali song of movie Dreamsdream nepali songdreams film nepali songdreams nepali movidreams nepali movie songdreams nepali songDremas new nepali songnepali movie dreams song

Feb 192016
Anmol KC and Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah talk about Dreams movie

Highlights of this video: This is a press conference of the new movie ‘Dreams’. In this movie, the lead actor is Anmol KC and the lead actress is Samragyee Laxmi Shah. Anmol KC talks about his friends’ thinking about Nepali movies. Anmol says that he has done his best to save the film industry. Anmol […]