Aug 092017
Samragyee RL Shah films coincidence, Dreams, A Mero Hajur, Timi Sanga

Highlights of this video: There is a coincidence in the movies Samragye RL Shah had signed. Samragyee RL Shah signed her debut movie ‘Dreams’. Bhuwan KC debuted as a director in the movie. Samragyee’s second movie ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ is directed by Jharana Thapa. Samragyee’s third movie ‘Timi Sanga’ is directed by Shishir Rana.

Apr 122017
साम्राज्ञी- फिल्म छैन, चर्चा मात्रै बर्ष भरी, किन? 2073 of Samragyee, No movies only headlines

Highlights of this video: The actress Samragyee RL Shah was one of the most talked about actress of the year 2073. The actress has only one movies in her credit. Incoming search terms:samragye rl shahsamragyee hot picsamragyee rajya laxmi naked photossamragyee rl shah boyfriend

Mar 302017
साम्राज्ञीको बोल्ड अवतार चल्यो - Samragyee RL Shah sexy Avatar in A Mero Hajur 2

Highlights of this video: The actress debuting as a director in ‘A Mero Hajur 2’, Jharana Thapa celebrated her birthday on March 26, 2016. During the celebration of the director, the release date of the movie was announced and a song was released online. The movie is going to release on September 1, 2017 (that […]

Dec 262016
तीघ्रा प्रदर्शनमा प्रथम, साम्राज्ञी Samragyee open dress, hot avatar at NEFTA 2016

Highlights of this video: Open Dress of Samragyee was the talk of NEFTA 2016 Awards. The winner of the Best Newcomer Actress Award, Samragyee RL Shah has been criticized for a photo showing her wearing high heels on bed and too high slit on her dress.

Sep 012016
Samragyee RL Shah

Highlights of this video: Samragyee RL Shah is currently shooting for her upcoming movie ‘A Mero Hajur 2’. During the shooting when she was asked to ride a bicycle she was in trouble. she hadn’t learnt riding a bicycle yet.

Jul 072016
Samragyee cries after winning the Best Newcomer Actress Award in FAAN 2073

  Highlights of this video: Sanragyee talks about her happiness on winning the best actress award. Jharana says that she is happy for Samragyee. Jharana told that she knew the award was going to Samragyee. Jharana talks about the role of Samragyee in Jharana’s new movie ‘A Mero Hajur 2’. Samragyee explains why she is […]

Mar 142016
Anmol KC and Samragiyee Rajya Laxmi Shah interview

Highlights of this interview: Samragiyee shares her felling about the success of the debut movie ‘Dreams’. Anmol says he was very happy on the success of the movie and thanked the audiences. Samragiyee says her friends have loved her acting. She says, she is more like the character she played in the movie. Because of […]