Dec 202015
Karishma Manandhar and Shilpa Pokharel talk about new movie Falgu

Interview of Karishma Manandhar: Karishma request everybody to go and watch the movie ‘Phalgu’. She has claimed that the director Samjhana, her husband Binod and herself have tried their best to make a good film. Karishma says that all the artists in the movie were selected by audition. Director Samjhana also talks about her second […]

Apr 042015
Chha Prashna, Interview of actress Shilpa Pokharel

This interview was shown in news24. Highlights of this interview: In this interview, the host and Shilpa talk about Shilpa’s upcoming movie ‘Hawaldar Suntali’. Shilpa talks about how she started her acting career. She also discusses how she got the chance to play new movie ‘Fagu’. Shilpa credits her mom for her success.