Jul 122010
Baby Thapa is also advertising like Smita Thapa

After Kantipur published an ‘advertisement’ of Smita Thapa who told she likes using male for sexual pleasure, another model, Baby Thapa, has published a similar ‘advertisement’ in another daily newspaper. In the article published in Nayapatrika she has told that she has already had 4-5 boyfriends and she is having sexual relation with a Nepali […]

Jun 072010
‘I am not a call girl but ...’ Smita Thapa

Smita Thapa is made popular by model promoting sites by posting highly revealing poses of hers. Due to the nascent nature of Nepali modeling industry, ‘skin show’ is considered the only talent most desirable in Nepali models. Smita leads the crowd and she made herself popular by this interview in which she has accepted that […]