Dec 062011
Etna Karki - Watches blue film to be fresh

Model and a entrepreneur Etna Karki is one more broad-minded model who can speak her feelings freely like Smita Thapa, Sonia KC, or Baby Thapa. In an interview with a weekly Shukrabar, Etna told about her personal preferences. She has openly told about her preference of sex (not commonly admitted by Nepali girls). Following is […]

May 122010
सेक्स फिल्ममा काम गर्न तयार नायिका सोनिया केसी

Model turned actress Sonia KC is known for showing off a lot of skin in modeling shots and movies.The actress was once talked about due to the very erotic kiss scene in a movie. Sonia KC once accused a director, Suresh Darpan Pokharel, trying to rape her. She took the case to the police and […]