Oct 152016
Sweta Khadka Celebrated Dashain for the first time after Shree Krishna's death

Highlights of this video: Actress Sweta Khadka has celebrated Dashain after two years. Before going to her parent’s home, Shweta had taken Dashain tika at her home (Shree Krishna’s home). She took Dashain Tika from her parents for the first time after the death of her husband, actor Shree Krishna Shrestha in 2014. Shweta’s 93-years-old […]

Aug 102014
Shree Krishna Shrestha didn't return alive from honeymoon

The honeymoon tour of actor Shree Krishna Shrestha and actress Sweta Khadka proved to be tragic one. Sweta had to return back alone when the actor couldn’t make it back alive. Soon after the marriage, Shree and Sweta had gone to India for honeymoon. But, it later turned out that Shree was in fact admitted […]

Jul 062014
Mithila marries, Sweta Khadka and Diya Maskey marrying on July 7

Although the date of the marriage of the actress Mithila Sharma to ex-IGP Motilal Bohora was kept a secret, the marriage was known before. The 50 plus actress has married 74 years old ex police officer. Mithila was never married and Motilal’s wife had died in 2069. More on the news in xnepali. Following video […]

Feb 052013
Happy Birthday Sweta Khadka

Nepali actress Sweta Khadka has turned 24. Although many of her friends and fans don’t believe she is so young, she has assured that she has turned 24 on Magh 23, 2069 (February 5, 2013).  Sweta added, her passport and citizenship certificate however have a different date of birth in Baisakh. Sweta told that her […]