Mar 212016
Official Trailer Of Movie 'Junge'

Movie: ‘Junge’ Director: Utkal Thapa Cinematography: Sushan Prajapati Music: Almoda Upreti Lyrics: Manas Raj Producers: Sushan Prajapati and Utkal Thapa Featuring: Suraj Singh Thakuri, Reecha Sharma, Sikha Shahi, Anup Baral, Sushil Raj Pandey, Joes Pandey, Pradeep Dhakal, Naresh Poudel, Sushank Mainali, Najir Hussain, M.S. Agraj, Kevin Karki, Dhrishya Subedi & more.

Apr 142015
New official trailer of Jhola released for its re-release

The movie recommended to represent Nepal in Oscar, ‘Jhola’ is re-releasing in theater on Baisakh 11 (April 24, 2015). At the time of the release, a new trailer is released by the film maker. The movie made on a century old Sati tradition is a social drama movie by director Yadav Kumar Bhattarai. Various charity […]

Apr 052013
Hamesha (2013) trailer and posters

Rekha Thapa’s upcoming movie ‘Hamesha’ features Sabin Shrestha, Naren Khadka, Siru Bista etc. in main role. The first movie under Chhabiraj Films and released jointly under Rekha Films, the movie is the first movie made after the separation of Rekha with Chhabiraj Ojha.

Nov 102012
ATM releases new trailer

The production team of ATM has released another trailer – although hot enough, it doesn’t have vulgar dialogues as in the previous trailer. Its producer, writer and the lead actor, Dinesh Thapa has expressed his sigh of relief by telling, “At last everyone is convinced and we are ready 4 entertainment ! Entertainment and full-on […]

Nov 052010
Basma Chaina Mero Man - from this Friday in Kathmandu

The movie, Basma Chaina Mero Man, is going to be released on Nov. 5, 2010 in Kathmandu. The movie was already shown in the theaters out of Kathmandu but was waiting for its turn to be screened in Kathmandu. The decision to start its screening was taken in a haste so the producer of the […]

Jul 212010
Audio of ‘Desh’ released

Audio cassette of a movie named ‘Desh’ was released on Monday (July 19, 2010) in Kathmandu. The movie, based on the love for the country, is written and directed by Tulsi Ghimire. In the movie, Rajesh Hamal is acting in the leading role as a journalist. Nikhil Upreti and Niruta Singh are also in the […]