Nov 272016
Usha Poudel's life story

Highlights of this video: Nepali actress Usha Poudel’s life is full of struggle. Summary of her life: – Started dancing in dance bar at an early age. – Stopped studying after SLC – A film producer saw her dancing and offered role in ‘Junge’ – Things didn’t work out well in ‘Junge’ – But, the […]

Oct 112013
Damini and Kali releasing on October 11

Two movies of actress Rekha Thapa – ‘Damini’ and ‘Kali’ are releasing in theater in Dashain. The Bhojpuri version of ‘Damini’ was previously released and the Nepali version is brought by its distributor to compete with Rekha’s ‘Kali’. It had been quite a while since any Biraj Bhatt movie was released in Nepal. Because of […]

Jun 292012
Muna Madan, Man Paryaye Maya Laye, Surya Chandra and Kina Lagchha Maya released on June 29

This Firday, on June 29, 2012, two movies were released in the theaters in Kathmandu and two more movies are being released in theaters out of Kathmandu. Two films released in Kathmandu are the movie made on a classic masterpiece ‘Muna Madan’ and ‘Man Paraya Maya Laye’. Movies released in theaters out of Kathmandu include […]

Mar 122011
'Badmas' in the theater

The movie directed by Devkumar Shrestha and produced by Tirtha Prasad Shrestha, Badmas, is released in theaters on March 11, 2011. The action movie features Shiva Shrestha in the leading role. Apart from Shiva the movie features Sunil Shrestha, Jimmy Gurung, Ranjana Sharma, Usha Poudel, Suvekshya Thapa, and Rajendra Kahdgi in main roles. The movie […]

Feb 252011
Tahalka Dot Com and Kasam to be released on Feb 25

On Feb 25, 2011 two action based movies are being released in Kathmandu. The movie ‘Tahalka Dot Com’ (we talked about the odd name previously) is based on educated unemployed people and their hardship in the society. Another movie ‘Kasam’ is based on gang culture in cities. Thahalka features Ramit Dhungana, Dilip Rayamajhi, Richa Ghimire, […]

Sep 072010
There won't be a premier of Palpalma

Ukesh Dahal, the producer and director of much hyped movie Palpalma is unhappy these days. At the time of its release on Sept 10, all four leading actors of the movie are either out-of-country or out-of-touch. Ramit Dhungana has been living in the US for the last six months, Dilip Rayamajhi is in Malaysia for […]

Aug 202010
Usha Poudel having an affair with Rahul Roy ?

When Usha Poudel, Muna of the movie Muna Madan was nowhere to be seen for about a couple of months rumors started to float around on her whereabouts. It was later found out that she is currently living in India these days. Nayapatrika quoting its secret sources even told about an affair with Rahul Roy, […]