Sep 082014
Nepali Movie - Iku

Nepali Movie – Iku, the Jungle Man Starring – Suleman Shankar, Usha Rajak, Rabi Dangol, Krishna Siwakoti, Bishnu Sapkota etc. Dirctor – Sagar Lamichhane ‘Iku’ is a a video movie by Suleman Shankar, produced by S.S. Production. The funny comedy movie is about a Jungle man who can’t speak human language. The movie received better […]

Mar 222013
Rakshya, Katha and Love in China Border releasing on March 22

This week ‘Rakshya’, ‘Katha’, and ‘Love in China Border’ are the three new movie to be released in theaters. Director Raju Giri‘s ‘Rakshya’ features Rajesh Hamal, Poojana Stri, Ashok Phuyal and Sarika Ghimire in main roles. Director Uday Subba’s ‘Love In China Border’ features Subash Meche, Jenisha KC, Sunil Thapa, Dipak Chhetri and Uday Subba […]

Dec 312011
Richa Ghimire wants to join the 'mother's club'

A number of Nepali actresses have given birth to their children in recent times. Actress Richa Ghimire wants to join the ‘mother’s club’ too . Three top actress like Melina Manandhar, Sanchita Luitel and Arunima Lamsal have recently given birth to their child. Top actress, Rekha Thapa had also expressed her desire to become a […]

Jun 272010
Usha Rajak with her child (Photo)

Usha Rajak, model and actress in Nepali movies is a proud mother of a baby girl. It is nice to see the new mother looks as good as before. Usha had married a Russian, Sergey Egorov. Talking about her daughter Usha said: It all happened in Bali, Indonesia. My husband and I went there as […]

Jun 272010
Usha Rajak - Congratulation, new mother

Nepali actress and Miss University 2006, Usha Rajak, has given birth to a beautiful daughter. The daughter is named ‘Luna’. Usha started her filmy career from the movie ‘Kusume Rumal’. She has also acted in ‘Eku – The Jungle Man’, and ‘One Day’. Apart from movies Usha has also acted in various music videos. Incoming […]